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Air Valve Basic Valves (Push Button Type Valves) Series TAC

Air Valve Basic Valves (Push Button Type Valves) Series TAC
Air Valve Basic Valves (Push Button Type Valves) Series TAC
Air Valve Basic Valves (Push Button Type Valves)
Series TAC

Model 2P 3P 4P 4PP
Operation type Push button spring return Double push button holding type
Number of ports 2(Normally closed) 3(Normally closed) 5
Port size M5×0.8
Media Air
Operating pressure range 0~0.9MPa (0~9.2kgf/cm²) (0~131psi.)
Proof pressure 1.35MPa (13.8kgf/cm²) (196psi.)
Operating temperature range (atmosphere and media) 0~60℃ (32~140℉)
Effective area 1.8mm² 2.5mm²
Flow coefficient 0.08Cv 0.12Cv
Mounting direction Any
Maximum operating frequency 5Hz
Valve stroke 2.4mm(0.094in.)
Main stroke:0.8mm(0.031in.)
Over stroke:0.8mm(0.031in.)]
Lubrication Required {Turbine Oil Class 1 [ISO VG32] or equivalent}
Mass 35g(1.23oz.) 30g(1.06oz.) 66g(2.33oz.) 71g(2.50oz.)
Standard accessories Lock nut
1 pc. each 2 pcs. each
Lock washer

Operating principles

Major parts and materials

Body .................... Brass (nickel plated)
Stem .............................. Stainless steel
O-ring......................... Synthetic rubber


Circuit example

Circuit diagrams

Explanation of operation

Actuation of valve A (3P) extends the rod of cylinder D, which then retracts and stops. It is often used for reliable reciprocating operation.
[Detailed explanation of operations]
1. Pressing valve A supplies air to the pilot operator (34A) on the right portion of valve B (4PP), which then switches valve B.
2. As a result, the air previously filled in the rod side (left side) of the cylinder is exhausted from R2 of valve B. At the same time, air entering the cylinder head side (right side), extends the cylinder rod forward.
3. At this time, when the air passes through the speed controller (SCOF) to enter the cylinder, it opens the check valve inside the SCO-F and quickly fills in. For exhaust, however, the air is choked and the cylinder rod extends while decelerating.
4. When the cylinder rod extends to push against valve C, air is applied to the air pilot operator (34A) on the left portion of valve B, restoring valve B to its normal position, and then returnig the cylinder rod back.
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